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Cristiano Ronaldo haters get strong clapback from Brazilian legend Ronaldo

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Brazilian Ronaldo (Ronaldo Nazario) hit back at Juventus critics fuming at Cristiano Ronaldo deciding to leave Juventus for Manchester United.

As Manchester United celebrates the return of Ronaldo, his former club isn’t too thrilled about the striker’s move.

However, Brazil legend Ronaldo Nazario, better known as “Original Ronaldo,” backed his namesake and stressed that the Portuguese even did the club a favor.

According to Ronaldo, Cristiano’s spell in Juventus wasn’t only good for the club but for the entire Serie A as well as it made the league “competitive again.”

“The one between Cristiano and Juventus was a good story and it brought benefits to Italian football, it helped the world rediscover it, it made it competitive again at the highest levels,’ Ronaldo Nazario recently told Gazzetta dello Sport via Metro.

“It was a magnificent passage,” he continued. “Cristiano preferred to leave, but the discussion doesn’t change.”

For Ronaldo, Juventus may have lost a legendary player in Cristiano but the Italian outfit is still a team to watch out for as it managed to bring in excellent players such as Everton’s Moise Kean.

“Juventus lost Cristiano, but the team is still strong,” the Brazilian pointed out. “Be aware, Juventus are always Juventus. For example, they brought that young striker [Moise Kean] back to Turin, whom I like.”

Ronaldo’s remarks came just in time as Cristiano had just been criticized by legends Alessio Tacchinardi and Sergio Brio.

It can be recalled that shortly after Cristiano Ronaldo rejoined Manchester United, the pair implied that the five-time Ballon d’Or winner shouldn’t have left Juventus that way.