The amount of players dropping out from this summers USA qualifying tournament is starting to become alarming. Although injuries play a part in this, some players are choosing not to participate without giving their reasons publicly. There are concerns about Brazil's Zika virus outbreak, but only a few have stated publicly it is the reason they have declined their invitations.

Portland Trailblazers' star guard Damian Lillard, a candidate to play in the games, is the next player considering staying home this summer, away from Rio.

During his tour in the Philippines this week, when asked about the Olympic games, Lillard told the Manila Times, “I have not thought about it yet”

Most star players have given a yes or no answer when asked if they want to play this summer, but Lillard is leaving Team USA's staff in the dark for now.

He instead remained focus on the tour, and his time with the fans without giving any indication of what he plans to do afterwards. Lillard is one of just a few all star point guards left on the list, and after that it becomes slim pickings.

As for now Lillard is with Derrick Rose and Jeremy Lin on the Take on Summer tours in Asia.

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