Houston Rockets coach Mike D’Antoni’s wife was trapped in a deadly storm that flooded West Virginia last week but was eventually rescued.

The deadly storm came with heavy rain waters flooding West Virginia, which resulted in around 25 people killed since last week.

Laurel D’Antoni was in the process of packing up and getting ready to move to Houston at the time the floods hit their White Sulphur Springs community. During the storm, she was trapped from getting out of the house but was able to escape by boat just in time.

Mike D’Antoni told ESPN:

Everybody is fine. Our hearts go out to all the people that aren't fine in areas that are devastated. We just want to try to help them and rebuild in any way that we can.

It was very scary. Although I wouldn't have been much help with the two cats. There was some damage, very minimal, water rising and she was caught in it, she couldn't get out and the only way she could leave was by boat. They came out and rescued her and some different people.

This all took place while D'Antoni was in Houston preparing for the NBA Draft, but his family is safe now and he can fully concentrate his efforts on the Rockets.

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