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Diablo IV Rogue class revealed during Blizzconline presentation

Diablo 4, Rogue

Stealth and trickery fans, rejoice! Diablo IV Rogue class officially joins the roster of the game.


Blizzard opened their Blizzconline presentation with an announcement trailer for the Diablo IV Rogue class. In the trailer, a priest conducts confession in a church, and the rogue arrives. She’s like, “I’m all ears, father.” She then proceeds to lay down mutilated ears on the pew of the church, on which the priest sits on. The priest then gives the rogue her next target, and the rogue proceeds to hunt her next prey.

As usual, Diablo IV Rogue will be the class for stealth and dexterity. She can either operate in the shadows, taking down targets with a sharp blade. Alternatively, she uses her bow to take down her targets from afar. Similar to the Diablo I Rogue, the Diablo IV Rogue is locked to the female gender.

Many fans have been clamoring for a Diablo IV Rogue class reveal, but there are also those who have been asking for either the Amazon or Paladin class. It’s not yet time for Amazon and Paladin fans to give up hope. If this Blizzconline presentation can tell us anything, it’s that classes can be added to the game. With still a very far away release date, Diablo IV can still evolve so much before it comes out.

Meanwhile, players can experience a lot of classes in the Diablo II HD Remaster, coming out sometime this year. With support for up to eight players in cross-platform multiplayer, Diablo II Resurrected will be a great way to re-experience the story of the Dark Wanderer. Find out more about the Diablo II Resurrected HD Remake in our Everything We Know So Far article.

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