Los Angeles Lakers guard Dion Waiter may have seen limited action all throughout the 2020 NBA Playoffs, but at the end of the day, he still ends up as a champion. He felt ecstatic to finally win a ring for the first time in his nine-year playing career, as quoted in a video posted by ClutchPoints:


Coincidentally, the win also came over his previous team in the Miami Heat which he recently claimed to have attempted to “bury” him with suspensions in the early stages of the 2020 NBA season:

The former Syracuse product was previously suspended for a total of three times by the Heat which included a 10-game suspension for ingesting a weed gummy while on the team plane. He was later traded to the Grizzlies, who then released him afterward.

The Lakers eventually wanted to get a boost in the playoffs which led to his acquisition back in early March of 2020. He eventually made his Lakers debut against the Los Angeles Clippers on July 30, 2020, where he scored 11 points in the 111-103 win.

Due to league rules, Waiters was still entitled to an NBA championship ring, regardless of who wins, for being a member of the both competing teams in the Finals in the same season.

It must have felt good for him to win a ring on the side of the Lakers, as opposed to being recognized as a previous member of the Heat, given the sour ending to the relationship between the two sides. The only resident of Waiters island can now call himself an NBA champion.