Postal 4: No Regerts, the divisive first-person shooter game from Running With Scissors, has launched on PlayStation for both the PS4 and the PS5.

Critically panned by critics but still popular within some gaming circles, Postal 4: No Regerts finds its way to the PlayStation consoles, for better or for worse. The game originally was released on Steam via Early Access way back in 2019, before coming out with a full release in April 2022. It’s described by Running With Scissors as the “true sequel to Postal II” following the negative reception to Postal III, but either way, both games fluked commercially.

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In Postal 4, the story picks up after the events of Postal 2’s second expansion, Paradise Lost. Several years after the expansion’s ending, the Postal Dude, with his pitbull terrier, Champ, emigrate to the fictional town of Edensin, Arizona. On the way there, their car gets stolen, forcing the Postal Dude to take on several jobs to make ends meet, with the ultimate goal being the retrieval of his car.

Never a stranger to controversies, the Postal series has always been a divisive title, being met with mixed reviews throughout its lifetime, and getting a loyal following of people who are into extreme violence in their video games. With its shock value waning over the decades, the Postal series’ failure to keep up with the times in terms of gameplay and performance makes it hard for the series to remain relevant in contemporary times. Still, the game continues to cater to a very niche customer base.