In two weeks, Jalen Hurts and the Philadelphia Eagles will be tasked with taking down Micah Parsons and the Dallas Cowboys. When these two teams play, it will feature two of the top squads in the NFC East.

With Hurts leading this Eagles team, they currently find themselves with the best record in the NFL at 12-1. It is also widely believed that Hurts is currently the favorite to take home the MVP award.

On Tuesday, Cowboys star linebacker Micah Parsons appeared on Von Miller's show, The Voncast. During his appearance, he spoke about Jalen Hurts, and his case to win MVP. His comments may lead to Hurts putting up even bigger numbers in the coming weeks.

During the show, Parsons asked Miller if the Eagles success is based off of Jalen Hurts, or the team as a whole. Miller responded, saying, “I think it's a little bit of both because they've got a great D, great offensive line, which helps Hurts. Hurts has AJ Brown and DeVonta Smith. They've got a good running game, the scheme that they have”.

Parsons then responded, saying, “I'm not trying to make no enemies, I'm not. I just love the game so much and I understand it so much, that like when things are off, I just can’t hold it in. I’ve almost got to say something. But everyone has their own opinions.

Parsons then finished by adding, “(Jalen Hurts) He’s good, he’s good”.

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Throughout this season, Jalen Hurts has been among the most dominant players in the NFL. He has thrown for 3,157 passing yards, 22 touchdowns, and just three interceptions. On the ground, he has added 686 rushing yards and 10 touchdowns on 139 total carries.

When these sides face off in two weeks, Jalen Hurts and Micah Parsons are sure to meet each other on the field at some point.