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Thumb: Cowboys' Micah Parsons pointing at Jalen Hurts. Parsons saying, “I’m coming for you!”
Micah Parsons smiling saying "I'm good"
Micah Parsons, Tom Brady, Cowboys
The Dallas Cowboys placed Micah Parsons on the injury report with an illness.
Cowboys Micah Parsons and Dak Prescott with former Colts player Shaq Leonard
Dallas Cowboys linebacker Micah Parsons and defensive back DaRon Bland
Cowboys Jerry Jones with Dak Prescott and Shaq Leonard after getting waived by the Colts
Dak Prescott, Mike McCarthy, Sam Howell, Ron Rivera. AT&T Stadium in background
Fantasy football Defenses Micah Parsons, Myles Garrett, Chase Young, Carl Granderson, Justin Madubuike are all beside each other with flames in the background.
Cowboys, Micah Parsons, Commanders, Cowboys Commanders, Cowboys Thanksgiving
Browns, Cowboys, Defensive Player of the Year, Micah Parsons, Myles Garrett
Dak Prescott, Micah Parsons, Tony Pollard all beside each other with fireworks in the background.
Cowboys Micah Parsons after helping Dak Prescott outgun Bryce Young Panthers
ACTION SHOT of Micah Parsons of the Cowboys on fire
Cowboys, Micah Parsons, Panthers, Giants, Parsons Cowboys
Cowboys, Micah Parsons, Cardinals, Panthers, Bryce Young
eagles Cowboys, Cowboys, Eagles, Micah Parsons, Dak Prescott
Eagles HC Nick Sirianni and QB Jalen Hurts
Nolan Smith's close relationship with Micah Parsons nearly led him to Penn State