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Eagles’ Zach Brown’s cowardly response after trashing and getting torched by Vikings’ Kirk Cousins

Zach Brown, Kirk Cousins, Eagles, Vikings

After boldly calling out former teammate Kirk Cousins before his Week 6 matchup against the Minnesota Vikings, Philadelphia Eagles linebacker Zach Brown couldn’t face the music when asked about his comments.

Heading into Sunday’s game, Brown had trashed his former Redskins teammate, calling him the weak link in Minnesota’s offense and stating he hoped Cousins would have the ball in his hands. Cousins went on to have his best game of the season, totaling 333 yards and connecting on four touchdowns, with three of them going to Stefon Diggs.

Minnesota won almost exclusively on the arm of Cousins as the league’s second-leading rusher headed into the season, Dalvin Cook, was held to just 41 yards on the ground. Brown did not have a good game himself as the linebacker registered just one solo tackle.

Knowing his comments would fuel post game talks if the Cousins did have a good outing, Brown still couldn’t handle the criticism, looking like a pet who knows they did something wrong. Brown became frustrated with reporters after being continually asked about whether his comment in part led to the Eagles defeat.

Brown wanted to talk “about the game”, but the game was surrounded by the comments surrounding Cousins. He could not deny Cousins’ impressive play, as the quarterback took advantage of one of the worst secondaries in the league. Brown not only put himself in an awkward spot but his defensive back teammates whose inability to cover the Vikings receivers highlighted Browns comments.