Former Los Angeles Lakers forward AC Green is well-known for winning three NBA titles and setting the NBA ironman mark by playing in 1,192 consecutive games and missing only three during his 16-year career. But recently, ESPN sat down to discuss an even more impressive feat—remaining a virgin throughout his entire career until he was married to his wife Veronique in 2002.

In a 30-for-30 short film narrated by comedian Will Ferrell, Green and his former teammates discussed the story of his unwavering dedication to abstinence throughout a superstar run in the NBA. Green was known to be deeply religious after converting to Christianity in high school. He runs youth camps through the A.C. Green Youth Foundation, which promotes abstinence until marriage, and was awarded the 2011 Bobby Jones Award by Athletes in Action for character, leadership and faith in the basketball world.

When he was still playing, Green’s teammates often invited him to go out after games to party with the team.

“We'd say ‘AC, go out and party with us.’” said five-time NBA champion Michael Cooper. “He'd say ‘no I won't go out with you guys, but I'll pray for you guys.'”

At times, teammates were even known to send women to Green’s hotel room in the hopes of tempting him. Green’s response was simple—read scripture until they went away.

“I would just start praying,” Green said. “Saying prayers super loud.”