Every known visible tattoo on Julius Randle's body
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Julius Randle

Every known tattoo on Julius Randle’s body

It’s not everyday that you see an NBA player dabble in only a few tattoos. It seems like the typical move is to either get a lot, or get none at all. In this case, New York Knicks forward Julius Randle is just starting out — he has a total of only five tattoos on his body. While he has admitted in the past that he always loved tattoos, he just never knew which one to get. Nevertheless, the first tattoo that he got set the tone; he just kept adding more and more afterwards. Here, we take a look at at five of Randle’s tattoos and try to decipher the meanings they hold.

1. ‘Portrait’ Tattoo

Body Art Guru – Julius Randle

As seen on the inner side of his right forearm, a portrait of the face of a boy can be seen. This tattoo represents his son, Kyden Randle. Of course, it only makes sense that not only is this his favorite one, but this was also the first ever tattoo that he got.

Julius Randle explained, “I was seeing really good face portraits. I wanted my son tattooed on me. It’s my favorite tattoo for sure.”

2. ‘Texas’ Tattoo

Body Art Guru

At the opposite end of his ‘Portrait’ tattoo is one that contains a signboard that spells “INTERSTATE TEXAS 30” written inside. The detailing is elaborate too as the silhouette of the buildings from the city of Dallas below it with a large “D” tattooed below the silhouette covering his left inner wrist can be seen. This may possibly signify the jersey number that he wears, which is the number 30. In addition, his mother, Carolyn Kyles, used to play basketball in Texas, which explains the “INTERSTATE TEXAS”. Lastly, Julius Randle was also born in the city of Dallas, which is probably why there is a LETTER D tattooed on his left inner wrist.

3. ‘Kentucky 30’ Tattoo

Body Art Guru

On his left forearm, a portrait of the face of a woman can be seen with the words “KENTUCKY 30” just right below. This particular tattoo represents his lovely wife, Kendra Shaw. The tattoo was inked on him second, right after Julius Randle got the portrait of his son. He thought that after getting one of his son, it would only be fitting to ink a portrait of his wife as well.

4. ‘Cross and Quote’ Tattoo

Body Art Guru

His left bicep has a tattoo of a cross on it surrounded by clouds. There also seems to be a quote right above it. This may pertain to Julius Randle’s religious views as he is a devout Christian who even who used to visit the team chapel before every home game to pray while he was still a student in the University of Kentucky.

5. ‘Ali’ Tattoo

Body Art Guru

Julius Randle has only one tattoo on the inner side of his left leg. This is a portrait of the great boxer, Muhammad Ali. He had this inked on him as Ali is Randle’s long-time idol and inspiration.