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Need cover image of Julius Randle appearing confused, preferably with his arms out to his sides in a questioning manner.

The New York Knicks just completed a Cinderella season, sort of. They dealt with a number of injuries before succumbing to the Indiana Pacers in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals. But with Mitchell Robinson and Bojan Bogdanovic out for the entire second-round, as well as OG Anunoby missing most of it, options were […]

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OG Anunoby and Julius Randle with Madison Square Garden in background
Donovan MItchell in a Knicks jersey with other silhouettes of trade targets
Knicks' Julius Randle saying "Extension? Trade?" next to Jalen Brunson and Tom Thibodeau
Julius Randle in Wizards jersey
Knicks' Julius Randle wearing jersey with question mark
Julius Randle in a New York Knicks uniform on one side with an arrow pointing to Julius Randle on the other side in a blank uniform, a bunch of shocked emojis in the background
Josh Hart, Jalen Brunson, and Tom Thibodeau
Julius Randle surrounded by piles of cash.
Knicks' Julius Randle with money and question marks
Julius Randle giving the thumbs down with the Knicks logo behind him.
Knicks' Josh Hart, Julius Randle joking with each other
Tom Thibodeau with Jalen Brunson teammate Knicks star Julius Randle
Stephen a. Smith, Knicks, Julius Randle, Randle Knicks, Randle injury
Knicks Julius Randle looking sad at Madison Square Garden
Julius Randle is out for the year.
Knicks' Jalen Brunson telling Julius Randle "Get well soon" next to Tom Thibodeau
Knicks' Julius Randle with bubble wrap on his right shoulder
Josh Hart. Julius Randle, OG Anunoby
Knicks' Jalen Brunson, Mitchell Robinson, Julius Randle
Knicks' Julius Randle on left looking serious. Knicks' OG Anunoby on right shooting a basketball.