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Lewis Hamilton gets hit with jarring grid penalty at F1 Brazilian GP

Formula 1 Lewis Hamilton Max Verstappen Grid Penalty

Lewis Hamilton is set to take a 5-place grid penalty at the F1 Brazilian Grand Prix this weekend following another engine replacement.

This won’t be the first time Hamilton receives an engine-related grid penalty this Formula 1 season. Mercedes has openly talked about their reliability concerns with their engines this year. For context, fellow teammate Valtteri Bottas has sustained 3 different penalties this season.

As for Hamilton, this would be his second engine component change of the season. To recall, Hamilton was handed a 10-place grid penalty at the F1 Turkish Grand Prix. It proved to be costly for the 7-time world champion as he only managed to garner a 5th place finish—had he finished higher up the grid, his gap to Verstappen would not be as significant as it is now.

Nevertheless, his grid penalty will come as a blow to his F1 title race chances this weekend. Hamilton notes the strengths Red Bull has this season—especially in the last race.

Via Motorsport:

“I think their pace was phenomenal in the last race,” Hamilton said. “They’ve had a strong car all year. They’ve had the strongest car – you can tell, obviously. So, I think we’ve done as well as I think we could. We’ll definitely be pushing this weekend to see if we can squeeze any more out of the car.”

There is no doubt that Hamilton will be on the charge with hopes of closing Verstappen’s 19-point lead this Formula 1 weekend. Stay tuned folks.