Heading into the Russian Grand Prix, a Formula One chief expects Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen to get involved in another crash.

The Formula One season has gone through a lot of drama, particularly between seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton and Red Bull star Max Verstappen.

In the pair’s last duel at the Italian Grand Prix, both drivers failed to finish the race after their infamous crash that saw Verstappen taking a grid penalty.

Assessing how Hamilton and Verstappen will square on the track in Russia this weekend, Formula One chairman of the Grand Prix Drivers' Association Alex Wurz shared a bold take about the pair.

According to Wurz, it is “very likely” that Hamilton and Verstappen will crash again as neither of the title-hungry drivers is going to back out once they get their hands on the wheel.

“I think [it's] very likely, to be honest,” Wurz told Sky Sports of another Hamilton-Verstappen crash. “Both have to mark their territory. That's sport, if you watch boxing, football, handball, whatever there is – when two greats are coming together, those things happen.”

Despite the intense rivalry, Wurz revealed that Hamilton and Verstappen “have great respect” for one another.

“Outside the car I talk to both and they talk to each other, and they have great respect for each other, which is really nice to see,” the F1 chief divulged. They have to fight, it's part of the game.”

“Hopefully with the respect they need for their own team and their own results, and not only for each other, because to finish first you have to finish, so they can't afford too many crashes,” he pointed out.