The RB19's dominance in Formula One is unrivaled. Red Bull has been cruising through the season with drivers Sergio Perez and Max Verstappen headlining the standings. Christian Horner is likely to win yet another World Constructors' Championship with the team and no one is even close. Although, internal issues have surfaced as Checo's future with the team has been put through a lot of controversy throughout the season.

Christian Horner is known to constantly replace the running mate of Max Verstappen. Sergio Perez has been one of the longer-tenured Red Bull drivers but all of that can change. He only has two wins compared to the Dutch driver's 10. Moreover, a recent problem has been that he has not been consistent in qualifying sessions. The Red Bull boss thinks that this is a lot for Checo to deal with. This is because his teammate is one of the best drivers to ever drive an F1 car. He unveiled his feelings on it in the ESPN Unlapped podcast.

“Being Max's teammate is never going to be an easy year. I think Checo has actually done very well the last two and a half years to achieve and do what he's done,” he said expressing sympathy to the Mexican driver.

Christian Horner also dropped a huge compliment to Perez despite being 125 points behind Verstappen

“That takes great mental resilience because not only has he got that data, he's staring down the barrel, he's got you guys [journalists] every weekend giving him grief saying ‘Why are you not at your teammate's level?” he disclosed about Checo's demeanor while handling the media.

Is he here to stay?