Fallout fans may now steal Lucy's fashion style from the TV show for their Fallout 4 character.

It's only been less than a week since the Fallout TV series on Prime Video launched and Fallout 4 modders have already brought a TV item in-game. This new mod allows players to put on Lucy McLean's Vault-Tec backpack. The modder faithfully stuck to the TV adaptation's design with the only difference being the bag's vault number, changing it to 111 instead of 33.

Fans of the franchise can thank QwibQwibMods for adding the Fallout 4 mod to Nexus Mods. The modder paid brilliant attention to details. The backpack's design offers the yellow blanket that came with the bag matched with Vault-Tec's colorway. The modder also provided a different variant of the backpack by getting rid of Vault-Tec's design. This is so it would cater to a broader audience who prefers fewer representations of the vault.

Given the quickness of Fallout 4 modders, it's likely we'll see many other mods from the TV series make it into the game. Those will be very timely additions too considering how the game's next-gen update is launching this coming April 25. In the meantime, while fans patiently wait for the free update, players can enjoy a vast collection of mods to further enhance their gaming experience.

Fallout 4 Fans Hyped for Next-Gen Update After the Success of the TV Series

Fallout 4's Next-Gen Release Date Update

The Fallout TV series on Prime Video received a warm reception from fans. Prime launched the entire season in one go and didn't disappoint. Some say it's one of the most accurate representations of a video game in a long time. As a result, old and new players alike are hopping on Fallout 4 to satisfy their cravings for the wasteland.

Fallout 4 is an action RPG third-person shooter game that initially came out in November 2015. Despite the game launching in a buggy and glitchy state, fans of the franchise loved exploring the Commonwealth regardless. Since the game's debut, Bethesda released DLC packs to help players tide over until the release of the next game.

However, with Fallout 4 being out in the market for nearly a decade, players are running out of things to do. Mods have undoubtedly helped keep the game alive, but players can't rely on them forever. With that said, fans urge Bethesda to release the game's sequel already. Unfortunately, Fallout 5 seems a bit farfetched at the moment, especially with The Elder Scrolls 6 on the horizon.

Fallout 4 Next-Gen Update is coming

Having that in mind, the best thing Bethesda has to offer for hungry fans is a next-gen update for Fallout 4. The developers initially announced the update back in 2022 as part of their 25th anniversary celebration. The update was meant to launch in 2023 but was then pushed to 2024. Fast forward to the present day, the next-gen update is nearing its launch with the release date being April 25.

The update will launch on both next-gen and previous-gen consoles giving them two new settings. Console players can now choose to play either on Performance Mode or Quality Mode. Players can also expect resolution improvements alongside increased FPS of up to 60.

Bethesda didn't leave out PC players as they will also receive their own update. These updates include widescreen and ultra-widescreen support, Creation Kit fixes, and a variety of quest updates.

The developers are also adding new content by throwing in the Enclave Remnants. This will bring the Pre-war cabal and The Enclave into Fallout 4. That means players will be able to enjoy a new quest known as “Echoes of the Past,” wherein players need to put a stop to The Enclave from taking over the Commonwealth.

Lastly, previously released Creation Club content will be available for everyone to enjoy. Here's a full list of items coming in the next-gen update:

  • Enclave Weapon Skins
  • Enclave Armor Skins
  • Tesla Cannon
  • Hellfire Power Armor
  • X-02 Power Armor
  • Heavy Incinerator

The Fallout 4 next-gen update comes out in a little over a week. It'll be a good time for fans of the franchise to revisit the post-apocalyptic open-world shooter.