South Sudan will make history when they step on the floor in the 2023 FIBA World Cup. 16-year-old Khaman Maluach, who is considered a top prospect for the 2025 NBA Draft, is the third-youngest player to make any roster for this tournament since 1950, per ESPN. He is expected to be a key player for the African nation in their pursuit of advancing through a difficult group with Puerto Rico, Serbia, and China.

Maluach stands at 7 foot 2 and plays his basketball for the NBA Africa Academy in Senegal. He's only been playing basketball full-time for four years. Luol Deng, a longtime player in the Association and the president of South Sudan's basketball federation, spoke out on naming Maluach to the FIBA World Cup squad:

“Khaman's future is bright; everyone sees that,” Deng told ESPN. “He is going to be a great player and it's exciting that people will get see him at the World Cup stage. This will be a great experience for him.”

Per draft analyst Jonathan Givony, Maluach already has a very intriguing skill set that NBA scouts love. He's a solid defender out on the perimeter, can impact the game as a shot blocker, and even has a nice feel for the three-point shot. Deng himself knows how special of a player the youngster is:

“He has a great feel for the game,” Deng told ESPN. “Good court awareness, amazing skill set. He has made a huge improvement. At the same time, he needs to improve on everything. Sharpen every part of his game, as you expect from a 16-year-old.

“That's what makes him scary. He still has so much room to grow. But he has a great spirit, is always smiling and is hungry to learn. Everyone loves being around him, and that's why it's been so easy to welcome him into the team.”

Maluach is garnering interest from big college programs such as Duke, Georgetown, and UCLA. When he graduates in 2025, the big man can either go to college or enter the draft immediately.

For now, though, his focus will be on announcing himself to the globe at the FIBA World Cup.