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Formula 1 star Max Verstappen breaks silence on Lewis Hamilton crash that hospitalized him

Formula 1 Max Verstappen Lewis Hamilton

Formula 1 and Red Bull star Max Verstappen shed some light on having a heated rivalry with Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton.

Both Verstappen and Hamilton are part of a historic rivalry that is a massive part of the season’s narrative. Formula 1 is currently witnessing a head-to-head battle between two ultimately talented stars as Verstappen holds a slim six-point lead over the British star.

After experiencing multiple crashes and heated controversy this season, Verstappen opens up regarding his intense rivalry with Mercedes’ Hamilton.

Via The Independent

“We have got together a few times, and we were not happy with each other,” said Verstappen. “But a few races later, you can see us sitting together in a press conference and laughing with each other again, and that is how racing goes.”

“A lot of people look at you and rate the rivalry, but at the end of the day, it is not all that bad. Nobody looks to get together in a race but unfortunately, these things happen. They have happened in go-karting, and they have happened in Formula 1”

Verstappen also shares a mature take on dealing with this intense competitive rivalry, despite experiencing some frustration regarding Hamilton in the past.

In July, Red Bull’s star was sent to the hospital after colliding with Hamilton during the British Grand Prix, not holding back from critical comments regarding the incident.

“We all have those times where we have low moments with someone, but we are human beings. We move on, and we forgive.”

Some fans may be surprised by this type of statement. Generally, Verstappen can have a reputation of being a hothead, maybe due to his driving style and his altercation with Esteban Ocon in 2018.

Nevertheless, these comments show the maturity present in the young Formula 1 star.