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Formula 1 news: Lewis Hamilton’s brutally honest take on non-existent relationship with Max Verstappen

Formula 1 Lewis Hamilton Max Verstappen Red Bull Mercedes

Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton shares his brutally honest take on having a non-existent relationship with fellow Formula 1 star, Red Bull’s Max Verstappen.

The pair have been battling it out this season, involving themselves in duels and crashes— sparking heated controversy from both the fans and themselves.

When asked by the media, the British driver went straight at it and was honest, sharing his relationship with Verstappen.

Via planetf1

“Not a huge amount to say.”

“There is limited communication, I think maybe some of the drivers hang more than others do.”

“I wouldn’t say I particularly hang closely with anyone particularly here.”

“Last year we would see each other at the track and we would say hi, we do the same this year,” the Formula 1 star shared.

“It’s no different for me, personally.”

The Hamilton-Verstappen continues to heat up as the end of the Formula 1 season is near. The dutchman has a slim six-point lead with six races to go. Hamilton explains his goal, aiming for another championship on his resume.

“It’s important to win every race somehow, you know, maximizing our points – that’s our goal over these next six races,” he said.

“It’s going to be incredibly difficult and there will be moments where we can perhaps edge them [Red Bull] out.

Formula 1 fans can catch the subsequent development to this rivalry in the United States Grand Prix this weekend.