Starting this June, GameSpot will be holding its Play for All charity event digitally once more. This year, the event will be held with the goal of supporting healthcare workers working against the COVID-19 virus. To say thank you, GameSpot will be raising funds through charity streams, media events, and trivia quizzes among other activities.

GameSpot's Play for All to support frontliners

The event will kick off on Tuesday, June 2, and will be hosted along with Epic's Tim Sweeney and Kim Libreri. Over the following weeks, charity streams will take up most of the schedule with a few developer media events intermingled. The last event, Ubisoft Forward, will be on Monday, July 13.

Play for All is an event that is organized by GameSpot where interests like gaming industry news, previews, interviews, and analyses of Summer announcements all with the goal of raising funds. As per the Play for All website, “our goal is to bring together the community to celebrate video games while also raising money for an important cause.”

Included in the schedule of charity streams are; Troy Baker, Alanah Pearce, Modern Warfare's Alex (Chad Michael Collins), and HeyZeusHeresToast. Also included in the schedule are exclusive previews, like F1 2020's 4k gameplay.

The Gorilla Collective will also be taking 3 days over with their own digital festival to showcase games, announcements, new trailers, and gameplay videos. They will be joining GameSpot once again, this being their second event overall as well. Last year's event saw support from platforms Twitch, IGN, GameSpot, Steam, and more.

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While the focus would still be on video games, the underlying goal of providing funds meant for frontliners only makes the event even more exciting. After all, how often can we satisfy our video game cravings while being able to assist others as well?