Gen.G  struck down FunPlus Phoenix (FPX) during their match in the second round of the Swiss stage at the VALORANT Champions Tour 2024: Masters Shanghai (2024 VCT Masters Shanghai) to get themselves a spot in the playoffs.

Gen.G's battle against FunPlus Phoenix went the distance, ending 2-1 after a gritty best-of-three series.

The first game on Lotus reached multiple overtimes which saw FPX take away the map from Gen.G. After that, the South Korean representatives reverse swept the home crowd team to secure the first playoff spot from the teams competing in the Masters Shanghai's Swiss stage.

In this series, both Kim “t3xture” Na-ra and Kim “Meteor” Tae-o had a massive 60-kill performance. T3xture recorded 66 kills and 12 assists while Meteor had a more impressive statline of 68 kills and nine assists.

As for the rest of Gen.G, Kim “Karon” Won-tae finished with 57 kills and 31 assists, Kim “Lakia” Jong-min had 41 kills and 31 assists, and Munchkin had 43 kills and 26 assists.

FunPlus Phoenix Shows Pure Grit and Determination in Overtime Win at Lotus

Although Gen.G ultimately won the series, FunPlus Phoenix definitely earned the world's respect after outlasting the South Korean team 16-14 in three sets of overtime in Lotus.

In this game's first half, FPX absolutely demolished Gen.G as they went 8-4 into halftime. They struck an early lead, winning the first five rounds of the map, which led to Gen.G calling for a timeout to reset. FPX's attacking prowess in the first game proved to be too much to handle for Gen.G.

Although everyone thought that FunPlus Phoenix already had Lotus in the bag—which eventually they did—Gen.G came back swinging in the second half to force overtime.

It was through Gen.G's Omen main Karon's repetitive heroics in Lotus that made the game so much closer. One of the early signs that Karon would have a great game on Lotus happened in the ninth round as he prevented FPX from planting the spike through a Stinger and Shrouded Step combo play.

Karon would end the game on Lotus with 26 kills and 13 assists. Meanwhile, T3xture trailed closely with 23 kills and seven assists of his own.

On FPX's side, Qu “Life” Donghao continued to have a splendid performance in Masters Shanghai, dropping a thirty-kill performance while also having four assists to his name in this game.

Gen.G Forces Third Map After Winning Sunset

With their backs against the wall, Gen.G started their series comeback by taking the second game on Sunset 13-7.

Following a first game with multiple overtimes, the second game on Lotus saw both teams continuing the back-and-forth action in the first half.

Gen.G initially had an early 5-2 lead before FunPlus Phoenix tied the game, 5-5, in the tenth round. After that, the first half ended in a 6-6 tie, which turned out to be the closest gap the game will ever have in Lotus.

After winning the second pistol round, Gen.G immediately had map point after they won six straight rounds, eventually ending the game just two rounds later.

Gen.G Strikes Final Blow to FunPlus Phoenix in Ascent

With the series tied, Gen.G struck the final blow to FunPlus Phoenix in Ascent in a rather close 13-11 game.

High up on confidence from winning the previous game, Gen.G did what FunPlus Phoenix had done to them in the first game, securing an 8-4 lead in the first half.

As if the script had switched, FunPlus Phoenix tried to make a comeback in Ascent. Unfortunately, Gen.G prevailed and ultimately won the game and therefore the series.

Meteor's performance as Killjoy in this game shined brightly as he dropped 31 kills in Ascent. As for FPX, Chang “BerLIN” Po-lin tried his best for his team as he finished with 28 kills and nine assists on a losing effort.

Gen.G Secures Playoff Spot in Masters Shanghai

With the match's results, Gen.G immediately secures a playoff spot in the VALORANT Champions Tour 2024: Masters Shanghai. Meanwhile, FunPlus Phoenix cannot lose their next matches in the Swiss stage of Masters Shanghai if they want to survive the tournament and qualify for the playoffs.

If you want to watch all the action happening in the 2024 VCT Masters Shanghai, you can go to the official VALORANT Twitch channel or through the official VALORANT Champions Tour YouTube channel.

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