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Genshin Impact “Distant Voyage” Web Event is now online

Genshin Impact Distant Voyage

The new character for Genshin Impact, Kaedehara Kazuha, comes out in a few days. To build up anticipation for his arrival, miHoYo released another Web Event, called “Distant Voyage.” It’s a simple little mini-game that requires minimum effort to finish. It’s a great way to collect resources and materials ahead of Kazuha’s arrival, which will definitely have a lot of people pulling for him. With the resources you collect here, you might get just enough to ascend Kazuha to the maximum by the time you get him.

But what is Distant Voyage, exactly? It’s a cute callback on Kazuha’s backstory. As Inazuma’s Shogun requiring everyone with Visions to surrender their powers, Kazuha left the hermit country to prevent the Shogun from taking away his powers. As such, Kazuha is in exile, and that’s why he travels with Beidou’s crew. But how did he exactly get off Inazuma? Well, with your help, of course!

In Genshin Impact‘s Distant Voyage Web Event, you help Kazuha craft a ship that he’ll use to escape Inazuma. You do this by crafting different parts of the ship. There are three stages in the event, and each stage requires you to craft certain parts of the ship. Every day, you get one crafting chance when you log in, and two more crafting chances when you share the link to the event in social media. Crafting itself takes an hour each. After completing all three Stages, you get to earn the rewards. But the web event is more waiting and less crafting, so just be sure to check on your progress once a day. You have about a week to complete the ship, as Genshin Impact‘s Distant Voyage Web Event will stay online until July 3, 2021.