Kamisato Ayato is having a rerun for Genshin Impact Version 4.2! Whether you're rolling for him for the first time or aiming for Constellations, you should still check out Kamisato Ayato's Kit, Materials, Talents, Constellations, and more.

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Genshin Impact – Kamisato Ayato Details

“The game of politics is fraught with peril. Saying too little is not good, but saying too much is also bad. But don't get me wrong, my Lord does not take any joy in these ‘battles.' For him, it's just… a matter of duty” — Thoma

“Pillar of Fortitude” Kamisato Ayato is a 5-star Hydro character initially released on Genshin Impact Version 2.6 on March 30th, 2022. His weapon is a Sword. Kamisato Ayato plays a big role in the Inazuma Archon Quest as the current head of the Kamisato Clan and the Yashiro Commissioner. He is also Kamisato Ayaka's older brother.

His Constellation is “Cypressus Custos,” which literally means Guardian Cypress in Latin. His birthday is on March 26th.

Kamisato Ayato's Ascension Stat is Bonus Crit DMG%, gaining up to 38.4% at max ascension.

Who are the Kamisato Ayato voice actors in Genshin Impact?

Kamisato Ayato is voiced by Chris Hackney for the English voiceover. Hackney's previous roles include Athrun Zala for the Mobile Suit Gundam Seed series, Dimitri for the Fire Emblem franchise, and various characters from Vinland Saga.

On the Japanese voiceover, Kamisato Ayato's VA is Akira Ishida. His notable roles include Otto Apocalypse/Void Archives in Honkai Impact 3rd, Zeref from Fairy Tail, Gaara from the Naruto franchise, and Luocha from Honkai: Star Rail.

Kamisato Ayato Ascension Materials

The following materials are needed to ascend and level Ayato to Level 90.

  • 168 Sakura Bloom
  • Primary Ascension Materials:
    • 1 Varunada Lazurite Sliver
    • 9 Varunada Lazurite Fragment
    • 9 Varunada Lazurite Chunk
    • 6 Varunada Lazurite Gemstone
  • Nobushi drops:
    • 18 Old Handguard
    • 30 Kageuchi Handguard
    • 36 Famed Handguard
  • Hydro Hypostasis drops:
    • 46 Dew of Repudiation
  • 420,000 Mora
  • 412 Hero’s Wit + 2 Wanderer’s Advice (or equivalent EXP)

Kamisato Ayato Talent Materials

Each of Ayato's three battle talents requires the following materials to be upgraded to Talent Level 10.

  • Nobushi drops:
    • 6 Old Handguard
    • 22 Kageuchi Handguard
    • 31 Famed Handguard
  • Talent Level-Up Materials:
    • 3 Teachings of Elegance
    • 21 Guide to Elegance
    • 38 Philosophies of Elegance
  • Guardian of Eternity Weekly Boss Drops:
    • 6 Mudra of the Malefic General
  • 1 Crown of Insight
  • 1.6525 million Mora

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Kamisato Ayato Kit

Normal Attack: Kamisato Art – Marobashi

Normal Attack

  • Performs up to 5 rapid strikes.

Charged Attack

  • Consumes a certain amount of Stamina to dash forward and performs an iai.

Plunging Attack

  • Plunges from mid-air to strike the ground below, damaging opponents along the path and dealing AoE DMG upon impact.

Elemental Skill: Kamisato Art: Kyouka

Kamisato Ayato shifts positions and enters the Takimeguri Kanka state.
After this shift, he will leave a watery illusion at his original location. After it is formed, the watery illusion will explode if opponents are nearby or after its duration ends, dealing AoE Hydro DMG.

Takimeguri Kanka

  • In this state, Kamisato Ayato uses his Shunsuiken to engage in blindingly fast attacks, causing DMG from his Normal Attacks to be converted into AoE Hydro DMG. This cannot be overridden.
  • It also has the following properties:
    • After a Shunsuiken attack hits an opponent, it will grant Ayato the Namisen effect, increasing the DMG dealt by Shunsuiken based on Ayato's current Max HP. The initial maximum number of Namisen stacks is 4, and 1 stack can be gained through Shunsuiken every 0.1s. This effect will be dispelled when Takimeguri Kanka ends.
    • Kamisato Ayato's resistance to interruption is increased.
    • Unable to use Charged or Plunging Attacks.

Takimeguri Kanka will be cleared when Ayato leaves the field. Using Kamisato Art: Kyouka again while in the Takimeguri Kanka state will reset and replace the pre-existing state.

“When, I wonder, did you come under the illusion that you were winning?”
— Ayato is like this in both matter of martial prowess and political intrigue, but to preserve the dignity of his fellow Commissioners, he does not say such things to them. As such, only Thoma, Itto, and Ayaka have ever heard this line.

Elemental Burst: Kamisato Art: Suiyuu

Unveils a garden of purity that silences the cacophony within.
While this space exists, Bloomwater Blades will constantly rain down and attack opponents within its AoE, dealing Hydro DMG and increasing the Normal Attack DMG of characters within.

“I can see them, you know. The ripples of your beating heart within this realm of still waters.”

Kamisato Ayato Passive Talents

Kamisato Art: Daily Cooking

  • When Ayato cooks a dish perfectly, he has an 18% chance to receive an additional “Suspicious” dish of the same type.

Kamisato Art: Mine Wo Matoishi Kiyotaki

  • Kamisato Art: Kyouka has the following properties:
    • After it is used, Kamisato Ayato will gain 2 Namisen stacks.
    • When the water illusion explodes, Ayato will gain a Namisen effect equal to the maximum number of stacks possible.

Kamisato Art: Michiyuku Hagetsu

  • If Kamisato Ayato is not on the field and his Energy is less than 40, he will regenerate 2 Energy for himself every second.

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Genshin Impact – Kamisato Ayato Constellations

Kyouka Fuushi

  • Shunsuiken DMG is increased by 40% against opponents with 50% HP or less.

World Source

  • Namisen's maximum stack count is increased to 5. When Kamisato Ayato has at least 3 Namisen stacks, his Max HP is increased by 50%.

To Admire the Flowers

  • Increases the Level of Kamisato Art: Kyouka by 3.
  • Maximum upgrade level is 15.

Endless Flow

  • After using Kamisato Art: Suiyuu, all nearby party members will have 15% increased Normal Attack SPD for 15s.

Bansui Ichiro

  • Increases the Level of Kamisato Art: Suiyuu by 3.
  • Maximum upgrade level is 15.

Boundless Origin

  • After using Kamisato Art: Kyouka, Ayato's next Shunsuiken attack will create 2 extra Shunsuiken strikes when they hit opponents, each one dealing 450% of Ayato's ATK as DMG.
  • Both these Shunsuiken attacks will not be affected by Namisen.

Kamisato Ayato Official Introduction – Pillar of fortitude, a new branch of emerald glory

As the head of the Yashiro Commission, Kamisato Ayato is committed to maintaining the prosperity and stability of the region.

At a glance, he is low-profile and graceful. He is not a fan of public appearances and does not seek to show his skills overtly.

But those who do know him understand that he is not to be underestimated. Long ago, when the Yashiro Commission fell on hard times, and when the Kamisato Clan was on the verge of crumbling, it was this young man who rose to the occasion and stabilized the situation.

He could not have achieved his position without extraordinary resourcefulness and cunning. But perhaps, that impenetrable smile belies darker waves.

However, the most intriguing thing is that in most of these negotiations in which he participates, he is not ruthless nor competitive, and is even willing to share the benefits so that everyone can get a relatively satisfactory piece of the pie.

“What exactly is he up to?” is usually what people are thinking after all is said and done.

However, now that everyone has a piece of that pie, perhaps what is on Kamisato Ayato's mind isn't so important.

Other Kamisato Ayato Details

Ayato's Specialty Dish is “Quiet Elegance,” made by cooking Sakura Tempura with Kamisato Ayato.

  • Effect: Increases all party members' Shield Strength by 35% for 300s. In Co-Op Mode, this effect only applies to your own character(s).
  • Description: Kamisato Ayato's specialty. The arrangement is exquisite and elegant, much like the manner in which Ayato handles all his affairs. Any more, and it would have been excessive. Any less, and it would have proved a sight squandered. As you sample the dish, you find that its flavor is identical to that of Uyuu Restaurant's — amazing. But as you reach your chopsticks for that crystalline camellia, Ayato stops you… “That was something I made during sword practice. It's just a decoration.”

Ayato's Default Outfit is named “Silk Splendor”.

  • Description: Kamisato Ayato's outfit. The kimono itself is made using uncommon fabrics, and its patterning recalls a mountain spring, giving off a feeling of calm and stability that matches its wearer.