The Pac-12 conference season is about to start in all sports. But, that is the least of their concern at this point in time. They will only have four remaining teams with teams like the California and Stanford football programs searching for better pastures. These concerns do not seem to bother Commissioner George Kliavkoff. He made a lot of bold claims during the CFP meeting. One of them might even raise the eyebrows of NCAA college football fans.

George Kliavkoff and the Pac-12 conference have not outlined how the competition would look when they are left with fewer than a handful of teams. Things will get worse over time as the Stanford football programs are getting really strong political support in their push to get into the ACC. It might just be a matter of time until the whole of their conference gets dissolved.

Amid all of these issues, the commissioner opted to be positive in his outlook. He unveiled all of their plans for the season in his latest statement, via Heather Dinich of ESPN. “It was good. It was nice to focus on everything in the future,” he said about recalibrating their approach to conference realignment. But, his response when asked what the future would look like was bold, “My focus on this year. I'm just focused on us winning a national championship.”

There have been no concrete plans for the conference to stay afloat. The Pac-12 conference and its glory days in the NCAA might just come to a close regardless of a national championship.