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Giants’ Daniel Jones, Saquon Barkley share messages of support for Pat Shurmur

Daniel Jones, Pat Shurmur, Giants

The New York Giants have lost six games in a row as they enter their bye week in Week 11. While the team heads into their week off, Daniel Jones and Saquon Barkley expressed their support of head coach Pat Shurmur.

“Not only me, speaking on behalf of the team, we strongly believe in Coach Shurmur, we believe in this coaching staff, we believe in D.G,” Barkley said. “Obviously things aren’t clicking the way we would like them to be right now, but we’ve just got to keep grinding, keep working, and we’ll turn it around.”

The team’s superstar running back seems to be behind his head coach despite the disappointing results this season. At the same, Jones also shared the same sentiment as Barkley when speaking about Shurmur.

“Coach Shurmur has done a ton for me in my growth and development,” Jones said. “He’s been extremely patient with me and supportive of me. I’ve been up and down. I’ve played well at times and not so well at times. He’s continued to support me and continued to coach me hard and give me the points of emphasis. That’s been a huge help for me.”

When the Giants lost to the New York Jets in Week 10, there were murmurs that Shurmur’s job could be in jeopardy. Therefore, there’s no doubt that these comments by Barkley and Jones are in response to those rumors.

Upon being asked about whether or not the team’s performance should affect his job security, Shurmur responded by somewhat taking responsibility for the Giants’ shortcomings.

“The standard for me is to put a team on the field that wins games,” he said. “Somebody else will have to surmise what that looks like. Unfortunately at this point we haven’t done enough and there’s no excuse for that.”

Since becoming the coach of the Giants in 2018, Shurmur has a combined record of 7-19. Despite the underwhelming record, the Giants’ front office has to decide on whether to be patient with Shurmur or not.