On Sunday night, ESPN released the highly-anticipated documentary called “The Last Dance”, highlighting the rise and fall of the Chicago Bulls' dynasty in the 1990s. While watching the documentary, Dave Gettleman — the GM of the New York Giants — was given an interesting comparison by Thomas Davis.

In the first episode, Jerry Krause was made a crucial character in the documentary. Krause was the GM of the Bulls in the 1990s when the team won six championships. While he was crucial at building Chicago's talented roster, Krause let his ego get in the way of the team's success at times.

As a result, Davis shared that he believes Gettleman is the same type of GM as Krause was. Of course, Davis spent a few seasons with Gettleman when both of them were with the Carolina Panthers.

During his tenure with the Panthers, Gettleman was able to create a team that advanced to the Super Bowl in 2015. However, he was behind the Panthers letting Steve Smith and Josh Norman depart in free agency.

Regardless of where Gettleman has been, he's always been labeled as a GM that lets his ego get the best of him. Just last offseason, Gettleman allowed Landon Collins to walk in free agency without offering him a contract.

Gettleman's way of doing things has given him the chance to have a career as an executive for NFL teams, as he currently holds a job with the Giants. At the same time, his way of doing things could cause some issues with the players and coaches that work with him.