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Giants coach Joe Judge jokes about backlash to toughening up comment about Daniel Jones

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New York Giants head coach Joe Judge has already made a strong impression with his team and fans, but he made some eyebrow-raising remarks about removing young quarterback Daniel Jones’ red jersey during practice – which dictates that he cannot be touched:

“We’ve talked about it,” the Giants coach told the media, per Matt Lombardo of NJ.com. “With quarterbacks, you want to be calculated with how you bang them around. At some point, we’ll pop his pads a little bit in a controlled environment.”

While that would be a fairly radical — yet likely effective — solution, it seems reasonable to believe that the Giants management would not allow such a reckless tactic to potentially damage their star quarterback with an injury simply for practice.

With that in mind, Coach Judge responded amusingly when prodded about how he was going to toughen up the 23-year-old QB, who went 3-9 in his rookie season with the Giants.

“I’ve got the strength staff downstairs right now putting bars of soap in socks and we’re just going to take him out back and wail on him for a while,” Joe Judge told Art Stapleton of The Record in reference to his recent Daniel Jones comments.

It seems that Judge is something of a jokester, but in all likelihood, the Giants are surely trying to toughen up their young QB with something in the middle of beating him up with socks full of soap and removing his pads during practice.

Judge doesn’t question his drive at least: “You saw him improve. He comes to work every day, you know he’s committed to the team.”