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Giants coach Pat Shurmur discusses decision to play Daniel Jones vs. Cowboys

Pat Shurmur, Daniel Jones, Giants, Cardinals

Giants coach Pat Shurmur decided on Sunday with the game out of reach to run out rookie quarterback Daniel Jones during garbage time in the fourth quarter.

After the game Shurmur was asked by reporters if this was a sign that Jones could soon take over as the starting quarterback.

“Today was an obvious situation in my mind to put him in the game and that’s it,” Shurmur said in his postgame press conference via Pro Football Talk. “I’m not going to play your hypothetical game.”

Jones went 3-for-4 for 17 yards, but he also lost a fumble on a play that he probably should have taken out of bounds or slid before getting hit.

After the game, Jones said the regular season had a little different speed to it, but he was glad to get out on the field.

“Just it being a regular-season game, it had a different speed to it,” Jones said via the New York Post. “The game’s a little different, but it’s still exciting. During the game I was trying to stay engaged, find a way to help, making sure I know what’s going on on understanding what Eli’s doing.”

Eli Manning actually looked pretty good against the Dallas Cowboys, throwing for 305 yards and a touchdown, but it still feels like only a matter of time before Jones takes over.

Jones did fumble, which might have calmed the chatter for a little bit, but if he would have led the team to a touchdown we might be having a different conversation about the quarterback position.

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