Giants news: Saquon Barkley reacts to being named a captain
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Giants star Saquon Barkley reacts to being named a captain

New York Giants running back Saquon Barkley was named a captain for this year after an outstanding rookie season and on Thursday, he talked about just how much it means to him. Barkley is a captain alongside two veterans, Eli Manning and Nate Solder, and that makes the honor even more special.

Barkley said that even with the big honor he is not going to change who he is, and wants to just continue to be the best teammate ever.

“It means everything,” Barkley said via the Giants team website. “It’s awesome to be a captain for my team and for them to vote for me, especially being a young player in my second year. But at the end of the day, captain or not, I wasn’t going to change. Just because I’ve got a ‘C’ on my chest, I’m not going to act out of myself. I’m just going to continue to try to keep the same mindset and continue to try to do the little things right, and encourage and push my teammates, and push myself, and try to be the best teammate I can be for my team.”

Barkley also talked about he feels like he’s the best running back in the league, but can’t blame the other backs for thinking they are the best in the league too.

“He believes he’s the best, I believe I’m the best,” Barkley said. “You ask (the Rams’) Todd Gurley (whose 1,251 rushing yards placed him third in the league) and he’s going to believe he’s the best. That’s how it should be. We’re some of the top running backs at the top of the game, and we’re very confident.”

On Sunday, it will be Barkley going against Ezekiel Elliott, and the first chance for both guys to try and prove they are the best in the league.