Square Enix brings us Harvestella – a farming simulator with action RPG elements, coming to PC and Nintendo Switch later this year.

Harvestella Release Date: November 4, 2022

Through the ever-changing seasons.

Harvestella is Square Enix’s latest title, and is introduced as “a Life Simulation RPG where you can enjoy daily life, socializing, and adventuring.” You can farm, fish, raise livestock, which is fairly Harvest Moon-y of this game. However, not all is as peaceful as it seems when the season of Quietus comes, when crops wither and the deadly dust prevent people from being outside.

Harvestella comes to PC and Nintendo Switch on November 4, 2022.

The official site gives a closer look at the story:

HARVESTELLA takes place on a planet where four giant crystals, known as the Seaslight, govern the seasons. All life receives their blessings.

One day, the Seaslight start behaving abnormally. Quietus begins to visit in the interim between seasons – and quickly establishes itself as the season of death. The Seaslight glow with a strange light, emitting a dust formed of light that threatens all it touches – crops die, and people are trapped inside.

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During one particular Quietus, your character – a traveler – collapses in an isolated village. You meet a girl called Aria, who claims to have come from the future and is researching the mysteries of this new, unwelcome season.

Thus you and she take the first step on a journey that will reveal the very truth of the world.

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