Amid reports that Chris Bosh may never play NBA basketball again, Miami Heat teammate Udonis Haslem feels the exact opposite and remains optimistic about Bosh’s return to the hardwood next season.

Haslem spoke with the Sun Sentinel about some of the plans Bosh has, and what some of their conversation regarded.

He said he feels good, actually said he feels great.That was his exact words, ‘I feel great.'

Bosh suffered a second blood clot and was prescribed blood thinners to alleviate the clot or anything worse that could result from it, including death.

Initially Bosh's camp argued with the Miami Heat internally regarding a plan to time the blood thinners so that he could continue to play, but the Heat declined and ended his season, not willing to take the risk of jeopardizing his career and life.

Haslem doesn’t plan on treating his teammate any differently and in fact plans to spend time with him during the off-season.

We plan to get a couple of workouts together. Like I've said, I already started my workouts. We talked about getting some workouts together, spending some time together this summer out there in L.A.

He remains friends with Bosh, but will become a free agent this summer. He has played for the Heat his entire career, and wants to remain there, if it’s in the Heat organizations plans.

Haslem has taken the hometown discounts over the years to remain in Miami, and at the age of 36 will undoubtedly sign his very last NBA contract this summer.

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