With the Atlanta Hawks closing in fast on Quin Snyder in their coaching search, the Utah Jazz are entitled to be compensated “because Snyder resigned from the Jazz with time left on his contract,” according to Eric Walden of The Salt Lake Tribune.

However, “while the timing of the move is a bit unusual, Snyder not currently having a role in the organization… made the Jazz inclined to not hold up the process of his departure in any way.”

This is great news for the Hawks, as the negotiation process could have held up a deal. The Hawks, currently ranked 8th in the East with a 29-30 record, need to right their ship as soon as possible.

There have been positives this season, such as Atlanta allowing multiple players to contribute, with the scoring balance allowing young pieces such as A.J. Griffin and De'Andre Hunter to make an impact. With the Hawks ranked 8th in points per game while playing under a defensive-minded head coach in Nate McMillan, one can actually point to their offense as a positive in multiple ways.

Nonetheless, the defense was a problem and while McMillan specializes in that area, it's clear that the young players were not responding to his coaching style. Following McMillan's firing, Hawks forward John Collins even acknowledged the team could have held themselves more accountable.

Snyder, who helped develop the Jazz into a Western Conference powerhouse, may have a softer or more understanding approach. One that allows him to connect better to a young team and with some players that may have thinner skin than a seasoned veteran.