Jeffrey “Trump” Shih, a professional Hearthstone player announced on Twitter that he is receiving a lot of followers on his Twitter page. Though this is normally a celebratory moment, Trump was alarmed with the occurrence as he realized that people are assuming that he is former US President Donald Trump who is currently in the hotseat for the riots that took place in Capitol Hill.

The confusion from the community caused some laughing moments in a time of political crisis. His announcement even led to some noteworthy memes on Twitter.

Some would encourage him to use his IGN as a means to convince people to halt the riots in the US Capitol.

There are those who would use Donald Trump's campaign slogan in a Hearthstone setting.

Others would show their support by proclaiming him to be the one and only President.

It's still unsure if TrumpSC has any private messages from his new followers who could be diehard supporters or critics of the previous administration. It would be interesting to hear his thoughts in his upcoming Twitch stream.

TrumpSC chose his IGN as he was influenced by Donald Trump's hit reality TV series known as The Apprentice. He is considered to be one of the most recognizable faces in Hearthstone not only due to his status as a professional player but also because of his Twitch Streams. In fact, it was through his streams on Twitch that propelled him to be a professional player. Prior to his discovery of Hearthstone he was once a Starcraft II player.

Given the effects of his IGN, he might end up changing it.