Apparently, it wasn't just the Miami Heat who took a massive hit in the NBA Finals on Friday night against the Denver Nuggets. During one of the mid-game breaks, former UFC double champion Conor McGregor took the court to make an announcement regarding a partnership deal with the Heat. Part of the publicity stunt involved a “fight” with team mascot Burnie, which, unfortunately, ended in disaster.

After McGregor promoted his new pain relief spray, the Heat mascot rushed to the middle of the court to “face-off” with the MMA icon. McGregor then delivered two massive punches to the mascot's head, which apparently, turned out to be too realistic:

Burnie had boxing gloves on, which means that there was going to be some sort of “fight” with McGregor at mid-court. The Heat staff even came in with towels to fan Burnie as he was knocked “unconscious” on the floor, and it really looked like it was all part of the show.

Conor did deliver two brutal punches, though, with the first one being a solid left haymaker from the former UFC lightweight and featherweight champ. He then hit Burnie again while the mascot was on the floor, before pretending to spray him with his pain relief solution as Burnie was being dragged off.

McGregor did not pull back his punches much, and he likely hit the man behind the costume square in the head. This resulted in the man getting rushed to the emergency room immediately after the incident. The good news is that according to reports, Burnie is now doing fine after being released from the hospital.