There are many fans who believe Miami Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra is still underrated, despite all of the accolades he has achieved in his NBA career. Well, the organization certainly values him highly, as evidenced by his historic contract extension.

Spoelstra signed an eight-year deal for $120-plus million on Tuesday night, which is the most committed money ever given to a coach, per ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski. At just 53 years of age, and with so much experience and credibility attached to his name, management obviously believes the two-time champion is primed to lead Miami to more prosperity in the next decade.

It is difficult to argue with this show of faith. So much praise is heaped on the Heat for establishing an elite basketball culture, one that is highlighted by toughness, composure and work ethic. Spoelstra is the driving force of this model, which has become the envy of many NBA franchises.

His leadership is instrumental to Miami constantly overcoming early struggles and injury problems to reach its peak during the playoffs. Although the team has not captured a championship since the LeBron James Heatles era, it has reached the Finals twice in the last four seasons.

This latest run was especially remarkable, as the Heat ran the Eastern Conference gauntlet from the No. 8 slot. They are positioned well to disrupt plans again this year. And if that fourth title is delivered to South Beach, Erik Spoelstra will probably have to be mentioned on the short list of greatest coaches of all-time.

For now, he should be thrilled with the superb legacy he has already built. Not to mention the massive sums of money that will be going into his bank account.