The Miami Heat lost to the Boston Celtics by 20 and just didn't have an answer for them in Game 1. Not having Jimmy Butler in the lineup proved to be a problem for Miami and hopefully they can figure things out moving forward. However, basketball fans couldn't help but roast the team and Tyler Herro for not conducting a trade to land Damian Lillard.

It's funny how things work but fans made sure to let the Heat know they probably should've traded Tyler Herro away for Damian Lillard. Losing 114-94 to the Celtics will do that. Miami was unable to get a deal done with the Portland Trail Blazers and Heat fans acted as though Herro was a solid offering for the superstar point guard.

But now it appears Heat fans aren't happy with Tyler Herro's efforts on Sunday. He finished Game 1 with just 11 points, four rebounds, and four assists. Only scoring 11 points with Jimmy Butler sitting on the sideline just isn't ideal. But here's what fans had to say about Miami and Herro after Sunday's poor performance against the Celtics.

Heat fans spoke about Tyler Herro much differently during the offseason.

Make up your minds!

Throw in a bag of Doritos and the Trail Blazers might've taken that trade.

You can feel the sarcasm from 100 miles away.

Tyler Herro isn't due to hit free agency until 2027.

The Heat probably could have put together a better roster for this season but losing Jimmy Butler to injury is the biggest concern right now. We've seen him ball out in the postseason before and Miami is essentially doomed without him. Had the front office been able to acquire someone like Damian Lillard, then maybe the'd be in a better position right now.

Heat's 2024 playoff outlook

Jimmy Butler
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Miami's championship hopes are nearly non existent right now. Reports indicate that Jimmy Butler is to miss the entire first round of the NBA Playoffs. If the Heat somehow manage to defeat the Celtics then it's expected Butler would return midway through round two.

However, Boston is the No. 1 seed of the Eastern Conference for a reason. They have the best roster and Jayson Tatum is an absolute monster. The Celtics just have too much firepower for the Heat to handle. So, Miami is going to need a miracle to pull off the upset.

With that said, the Heat are a long shot to get out of the first round. But an early exit could prove to be a good thing for this franchise. Miami has benefited from going on amazing playoff runs in recent history as Jimmy Butler becomes unstoppable during the postseason. An early exit could force the front office into making more drastic moves in the upcoming offseason.

So, with the Heat being massive underdogs against the Celtics, it's widely expected they'll lose the series. It's not an ideal situation for Miami whatsoever.