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Hassan Whiteside’s $50,000 assault rifle was stolen from unlocked Rolls Royce this summer

Hassan Whiteside

Hassan Whiteside should be in the news for his standout play, but instead he’s talking about an incident over the summer where his $50,000 assault rifle was stolen from his car. Andy Slater of Slater Scoops writes:

According to exclusively-obtained police reports, Whiteside bought a $50,000 Colt M16 assault rifle, ammunition, a rifle bag, and a silencer at Johnson’s Firearms in Miami on July 5.

Whiteside went directly from the gun store to the University of Miami for a workout.

As he practiced in the Hurricanes gym for about an hour, Whiteside left his Rolls Royce unlocked.

The next day when Whiteside got home, he noticed that his rifle bag and weapon were missing.

Whiteside called police.

The police eventually recovered the stolen gun in a stolen vehicle in Miami, but it’s still concerning that the weapon was unaccounted for on the streets for any amount of time. Hassan Whiteside released a statement:

“I have a license for the gun that was stolen from me over the summer. I should have secured it better and I’m glad it was recovered. It won’t happen again. It is now locked in a safe and I only use it at the gun range.”

Thankfully, the issue was resolved without anyone getting hurt. Hopefully, Hassan Whiteside remembers to be more careful with his guns in the future so we can all focus on his resurgence on both ends of the floor. He deserves credit for that, but his play isn’t making the headlines right now.