Tyler Herro enjoyed a terrific season for the Miami Heat in 2021-2022. The 22-year old averaged over 20 points per game en route to winning the Sixth Man of the Year award in a bench role for Miami. However, Herro recently made it clear that he wants to start next season. Heat team president Pat Riley caught wind of Tyler Herro's desire to start and issued him a challenge in response.

“As far as being a starter, come to training camp and win it.”

Pat Riley's blunt response could be exactly what Herro needs. If he goes into training camp with a bulldog mindset head coach Erik Spoelstra won't have any option but to start him. Herro has displayed star-like potential over the course of his young career. He is arguably the most talented offensive player on the Heat.

But Herro is considered a liability on the defensive end. That alone is the main knock against his starting chances. If he can develop into even a league average defender that would greatly increase his value to the team. But Spoelstra had to pick and choose when to use him last season due to Herro's defensive shortcomings.

As for Pat Riley, he handled this well. He could have gone in a number of different directions with his response. But offering a straight forward challenge tends to motivate players.

Tyler Herro is going to have an opportunity to seize a starting gig alongside Jimmy Butler for the 2022-2023 season. It will be intriguing to see if he can take the job and run with it.