The 2022 NBA free agency is just around the corner and the rumor mill is in full swing. All eyes are on PJ Tucker right now, as he's been a consistent rotational player throughout his career. He aims to possibly enter free agency, as it sounds like the Miami Heat are about to lose him to the Philadelphia 76ers.

According to Marc Stein, it's expected that Tucker is going, “to land in Philadelphia on a three-year, $30 million deal in free agency.” If that's the case, then the Heat is going to have to find a replacement for the three-point shooting specialist. The Sixers have been rumored to be interested in signing PJ Tucker all along, but it's getting closer and closer to being a done deal.

Although these are just rumors, many are now expecting Philadelphia to acquire the veteran forward. “If Pat Riley’s Heat can find a way now to re-sign Tucker, they will definitely surprise some people. It seems increasingly safe, then, to at least pencil in a Harden/Tucker reunion,” per Marc Stein. So, the Heat are either going to have to pull off a miracle or find a replacement for PJ Tucker through free agency or a trade.

Keep an eye on the Heat, Sixers, and Tucker. NBA free agency opens on June 30, so anything can happen between now and then. Regardless, Philadelphia is in the driver's seat to obtain a consistent three-point shooter to space out the floor. Meanwhile, Miami needs to start searching for other options immediately.