Less than 10 seconds remaining and with the victory well in the bag for the Miami Heat, guard Goran Dragic ran the length of the court for a lay-up. After which, boos subsequently reverberated around the arena. Clearly, the Philadelphia 76ers' fans did not like Dragic's antics.

Below is the clip as posted by Michael Lee of Yahoo Sports:

There is no written rule about it. But despite this, going up for a score given the fact that the game is already concluded is considered taboo. It's a simple show of sportsmanship — a sign of class. Most NBA teams practice this and some even take out their starters to signify that they have raised the white flag.

Dragic, however, had other ideas in his mind. The game is not over once the clock turns to zero. Several Twitter users accused Dragic of stat padding. With that lay-up, he finished with 20 points. Some recalled the fact that the Sixers also did the same act a few games ago with the Cleveland Cavaliers. So the Sixers have no reason to react violently. For they, too, are guilty of the same lack of sportsmanship.

Some justified Dragic's actions, saying that Ben Simmons and Robert Covington were still going for the foul with less than 10 seconds remaining. So it is only right for Dragic to go straight to the rack. After all, once the final whistle is blown, the game is not yet over.

As the boxing adage goes, one must protect himself at all times.