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VIDEO: Ray Allen rewatches clutch performance in 2013 Finals, family reacts

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Ray Allen is recognized as one of the greatest shooters the league has ever seen. There are plenty of highlights in his Hall of Fame career, but the most memorable of those came in Game 6 of the 2013 NBA Finals that helped the Miami Heat wrangle the championship away from the San Antonio Spurs.

Since there’s a lockdown going on, the Allen family resorted to watching classic games to pass the time. One of the games they watched was that fateful match when Allen made the legendary shot.

Based on what was happening to the video Bleacher Report posted, Allen’s children were very involved in the game that their father had a major part in. And when he did make the shot for the Heat, screams of elation could be heard from his kids.

Allen, who is behind the camera, could be heard chuckling in amusement to his children’s reaction while he was recording.

Plenty of Heat fans look at that moment with complete adulation while Spurs fans wince at the mention of Ray Allen’s three. That three during the waning seconds of Game 6 helped LeBron James win his second NBA title against a very strong San Antonio squad. Without that clutch performance from him, the Spurs would have won two titles during the 2010s.

The moment is only one of many fantastic memories in an incredible career for Allen. The Hall of Fame shooting guard has definitely inspired a lot of sharpshooters throughout the league, and that shot in Miami is one that fans will continue to talk about for years to come.