There were not many silver linings in the 2023-24 season for the Charlotte Hornets, but Brandon Miller sticks out more than any of them. After not being fully wanted by the fanbase before the 2023 NBA Draft, struggling in the Summer League, people were not sold on Charlotte's newest edition. One regular season later, he won three Rookie of the Month awards, averaged 17 points, and made plenty of memorable moments in an injury-riddled season for Charlotte. Guess the organization made the right pick, huh?

Brandon Miller speaks on the season

Despite the standout season, the Hornets only won 21 games. That's six less than last season. They missed out on LaMelo Ball, Mark Williams, and a couple of other solid pieces that missed more than half of the season. Miller spoke on his season as an individual and a little bit as a team.

“I think individually, it was great overall. Couldn't the amount of wins we needed to have to be in the playoffs. That's one of things we're looking into more seriously going into the next season. One thing the older guys and Cliff was telling me is that nothing was going to be easy. That was the mindset going to every game. Go out there like you're trying to win another ball game. Everything you come out for has got be worked for and earned.”

About those Rookie of the Month awards

Charlotte Hornets forward Brandon Miller (24) reacts to a call during the fourth quarter against the Oklahoma City Thunder at Spectrum Center.
Scott Kinser-USA TODAY Sports

After winning three Rookie of the Month awards, Brandon Miller became the 5th player in franchise history to win that many in a season, joining his current teammate in Ball, and other former impact players like Raymond Felton, Emeka Okafor, and Larry Johnson.

“It's definitely a big step winning Rookie of the Month. All the credit goes to my coaches and teammates for believing in me and putting me in the right spaces. From the jump just boosting my confidence to be the young leader that I am. I think that's the most important part.”

Brandon Miller talks about starting the season on the bench

Miller started 68 of the 74 games that he appeared in this season. Steve Clifford had him in a vital 6th man role, but his talent was too immense to keep him planted there. Miller talked about the importance of getting that starting experience on how it can help them down the road.

“I feel like having the experience to start NBA games, playing against the best is important for us moving onto next season. Having experience under my belt and everybody coming back. Injuries played a big part in our lineup and our season. Everything is going to be great next year.

It's no secret who inspired Brandon Miller the most. He's been adamant about his take on Los Angeles Clippers forward Paul George being the GOAT. When he was asked about his favorite matchup from year one, it was a no-brainer for his response.

“Paul George. I've been preaching it since summer league, that's the goat. My goat,” Brandon Miller said. “I grew up watching him. Missing that first game against him started to get to me. I had to see him when he played here. He kind of put on a show for us that game. At the end it was a happy ending. Did the jersey swap and that's definitely a jersey I'm going to keep forever.”

It was an eventful year for Miller to say the least. He won't win Rookie of the Year, but he is on pace to become one of the best young scorers and players in the league today.