The Charlotte Hornets handled their business on a Sunday afternoon against the Miami Heat by coming away with a 122-117 win. That is their fourth win in their last six competitions.

A big reason these wins have been stacking up is that Charlotte is actually healthy for the most part. With the exception of Kelly Oubre jr.'s injury, this might be their longest stretch of games without having to worry about injuries. Gordon Hayward has struggled to stay on the floor, but he is back and finding his rhythm slowly but surely. He finished with 20 points and was a perfect 7/7 from the field and 3/3 from deep.

“I was able to get one to go down early, an open spot shot,” Hayward said. “As a scorer sometimes all you need is one to get yourself going, especially one like that. I got to the line and got a layup too, so I certainly was feeling good. It’s been a process trying to find some rhythm here. I’m certainly still working through it on the minutes restriction and stuff, it’s still tough. I think it’s starting to come for me here.”

When Hayward is playing well the Hornets always play better. Which is why he received a four-year $120 million contract in the first place. As of late, he has not lived up to it fully due to the injuries, but that does not mean he isn't a productive player. He can take the pressure off of LaMelo Ball & Terry Rozier, who share the duty of creating for themselves and others. Which in term can keep guys more fresh throughout the course of the game. Hayward's production can be the key to the Hornets winning games down the stretch of this season.

The Hornets now have 15 wins on the season. Here's how Hayward thinks this young, exciting team can keep it up:

“We’ve got to find ways to continue to get good shots. I think some of our best shots come when we’re able to guard defensively, so we can get out and run. We’ve got a lot of athletes, a lot of guys that can push the basketball, multiple handlers, so when we’re able to get stops and get out and run, we’re getting easy 3s, dunks and layups, and we get some energy off that. Sometimes I think when our defense is not sharp, now we’re walking it up, playing against a set defense on the other end, and it becomes a lot tougher for us. So I think defensively we’ve got to be locked in, especially on this road trip coming up, because shots aren’t always going to fall for us. We’ve got to be continually getting better on that end, and we’ve got a long ways to go, but certainly it’s good to get these two home wins here.”

The Hornets are heading out on the road for a three game trip. Let's see if they can keep the momentum going.