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Mitch Kupchak confirms Hornets are looking to move up in NBA Draft

Mitch Kupchak, Hornets

Charlotte Hornets general manager Mitch Kupchak admitted that he will be very busy heading into Thursday’s draft.

Kupchak confirmed to Rick Bonnell of The Charlotte Observer that they are trying to move up in the 2019 NBA Draft. Charlotte currently holds the 12th pick in the draft. If they stay in their current position, it is unlikely for them to get an impact player, as this year’s pool is considered as top-heavy.

However, Kupchak is not ready to waive the white flag. The veteran general manager revealed that they are talking to teams who are ahead of them in the draft for a possible trade. However, he also admitted that it might be costly for them to secure a higher pick in exchange for their own first-round pick.

“We’re talking to a lot of teams. We would like to move up,” Kupchak said. “Historically, if you look at what it costs to move up four slots or two slots or five slots, a lot of times it’s expensive.”

The Hornets, who finished ninth in the Eastern Conference with a 39-43 last season, are looking to shore up their roster in the hopes of keeping Kemba Walker. The All-Star guard will be a free agent in July. While he is expected to get a lot of offers elsewhere, Walker is still open to returning if their front office finds a way to improve their roster.