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Stephen Jackson goes off on Charlotte for not paying Kemba Walker

Kemba Walker, Stephen Jackson

The general consensus is that Kemba Walker will sign with the Boston Celtics when free agency opens on Sunday, as the Charlotte Hornets don’t seem willing to pay him the full five-year super-max. Obviously, things can change between now and Sunday evening, but that is how things are currently appearing.

Former NBA player Stephen Jackson does not approve of the way the Hornets have handled things with Walker, stating that he does not think Charlotte’s organization appreciates its players.

It’s not that simple for the Hornets, though.

Charlotte is already cash-strapped as it is, and even if it re-signs Walker, it is not going to win anytime soon. With Walker being 29 years old, giving him the $220 million max probably wouldn’t be a very wise move, as Walker will be on his way downhill by the time the Hornets are seriously ready to contend.

Of course, the argument can be made that Charlotte put itself in this situation due to horrible drafting and handing out bad contracts, and that is certainly a valid point, but you really can’t blame the Hornets for not wanting to dig a deeper hole.

Now, the smarter thing for Charlotte to have done was trade Walker at the deadline back in February if it did not plan on offering him the full max this offseason, but the Hornets didn’t even seem to entertain trade offers for the floor general.

Kemba Walker is coming off of a 2018-19 campaign in which he averaged 25.8 points, 5.9 assists and 4.4 rebounds per game, earning Third Team All-NBA honors.