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Is Sony planning to put PlayStation Games on Mobile?

Sony, PlayStation

No one can ever deny Sony’s position in the console market. The game developer established itself as a pillar of game consoles ever since the launch of the PlayStation. However, the company’s success undoubtedly took a massive hit with Microsoft’s advances with the next-generation Xbox. Now, rumors floating on the internet point towards Sony’s alleged plans to make some of its library available on mobile. Video game consoles continue to be a massive player in the games market but the mobile platform remains an untapped market for Sony.


Sony’s top strength lies in its impressive library of exclusive games. Players recognize and live characters such as Nathan Drake from Uncharted or Crash Bandicoot. Unfortunately, not every player caves and buys consoles solely to play exclusive games. Additionally, Sony’s losing battle in the current generation of game consoles is due to the Microsoft library’s availability for both console and PC. Naturally, players prefer to get games that can be played on a multitude of platforms. Above all, Microsoft fans can get most of the games on PC without having to buy any additional hardware. They definitely fell behind in the consoles race but the alleged transition to mobile could prove to be beneficial if executed properly.

The mobile expansion rumors ignited with the appearance of Sony’s hiring notice for a new “Head of Mobile.” The new hire would take on the monumental task of developing a 3-to-5 year strategy for mobile developments. It makes complete sense for Sony to go for the mobile market. Whereas Microsoft’s primary market lies in its expertise with PCs, Sony started out as a tech developer ages before venturing into video games. Sony attempted to combine video games and mobile phones in the past but it proved to be a futile attempt. Now, it looks like the massive company is ready to venture into uncharted territory once more.

Recently, Sony’s attempts to launch the PlayStation 5 resulted mostly in failures. A large number of PS5swent to the hands of nefarious scalpers. Hopefully, Sony’s plan to expand into the mobile territory breathes some life into the ailing console developer.