CBS' 60 Minutes feature tends to give a glimpse into the life of a celebrity or a known athlete. They chose Coach Deion Sanders in their latest episode. There was a sneak peek as to how things were run in the Jackson State football facilities. They were then later compared to the Colorado football squad. Coach Tomekia Reed was not at all pleased. Specifically, regarding how the HBCU was portrayed in mainstream media.

“60 Minutes, y’all made Jackson, MS look horrible. You should be ashamed of yourselves for showing the worst house you can find in America. Making it like that describes us, “Tomekia Reed said about how the Jackson State football program's facilities were depicted. Moreover, she also ridiculed the old house featured in Deion Sanders' story, “I’m not even sure if that abandoned house you showed is even in Jackson.”

Reed added how she does not blame Coach Prime for his decision to leave for the Colorado State football program, “My post is not about Prime! So don’t start that.” Reed noted how big of an accomplishment Sanders got “I am proud of his move, his opportunity. I cheer for them every game. She highlighted how important Sanders' accolades are, “He is showing that once an HBCU coach gets a chance they can make it happen! My post is about how 60 minutes could have shown a better Jackson, MS.”

Reed is an HBCU legend who netted three Coach of the Year honors. She is also a two-time SWAC tournament champion.