Could this be Deion Sanders’ final season at Jackson State? The Tigers’ impressive head coach has been linked to various big name schools amid Jackson State football’s hot start to the 2022 campaign. Sanders recently addressed the rumors, per Chris Hummer.

“I’d be a fool and a liar to tell you I’m not going to entertain those things, because I am,” Sanders said. “But I have made no plans to move or go anywhere.”

Deion Sanders is going to consider all of his options. Many people around the college football world are expecting Deion Sanders to move on following the season. Urban Meyer recently made a bold claim in reference to Sanders’ future.

“I’ve been friends with Deion for a long time, I actually talked to him this week,” Myers said. “I’m really impressed with the discipline of his team, the way he talks…I’m really impressed with what he’s been doing. I promise you at the end of the year that man is going to have a decision to make. But Deion Sanders should and will be a Power 5 coach.”

Auburn has emerged as a possible destination for Deion Sanders. His energy, charisma, and leadership skills certainly make him an attractive coaching option for numerous programs. In the end, Sanders could still opt to remain with Jackson State football, as nothing is set in stone at this juncture.

Deion Sanders unquestionably has a bright future as a coach. The only question is what program will he be apart of next season?