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Jake Paul fires back at Daniel Cormier: “I’ll beat the f*** out of your fat ass

Jake Paul, Daniel Cormier

Oh boy. Here we go again. Jake Paul just isn’t capable of keeping his mouth shut. We all knew after he (supposedly) knocked out Ben Askren in the first round, Jake Paul would become even more annoyingly arrogant. He’s taken his trash talk to UFC Legend Daniel Cormier, per TMZ Sports.

“Daniel Cormier, I’ll beat the f**k out of your fat ass too — just like Stipe did,” Jake said Tuesday on the “Impaulsive” podcast with his brother, Logan Paul.

Let’s get real for one second. A fight between Jake Paul and Daniel Cormier will never happen. One is a YouTube star who fights people who aren’t trained boxers, while the other is a legend in the fight game. In fact, Cormier mentions how he won’t stoop down to Paul’s level:

Cormier later escalated things on the “DC & Helwani” podcast on Monday … saying, “This dude would never fight me. I would kill him. Why would I ever fight someone like that?”

Jake Paul might know how to box, but he hasn’t faced a real opponent yet. Nate Robinson is a former NBA player, while Ben Askren was a mediocre MMA fighter that was never good on his feet anyway. Cormier is also on record saying the Paul brothers are genuinely decent at boxing. However, he does provide a name that could be a real challenge for Jake Paul.

As Cornier explained, “I would like him to fight Tyron (Woodley). I would like to see him fight somebody more real. Don’t fight Ben Askren at 190, bloated.”

Tyron Woodley, the former welterweight champion, is a substantially more well-rounded fighter than Askren. He held the belt for a few years before ultimately losing to Kamaru Usman, who has held the belt ever since. Woodley hasn’t seemed to be himself since that loss, but a boxing match against Jake Paul could be right in his wheelhouse.

The Paul vs. Askren fight reeled in $1.3 million in pay-per-view money. If Woodley is looking for a solid paycheck, he’ll likely receive it by taking on Jake Paul.