Free agency is fast approaching and pretty much everyone seems to be interested in Kevin Durant.

This includes the Washington Wizards, whose fans are especially hopeful. Not only because the addition of a star like Kevin Durant could propel them far into the playoffs, but also because Washington is Durant's hometown.

But, unfortunately for the Wizards, no one sounds that optimistic about the chances of Durant going to Washington.

In a recent interview with Kevin Sheehan, Jared Dudley was asked his opinion on the Wizards chances of signing Kevin Durant this summer. His answer was less than enthusiastic.

“I realistically don’t,” Dudley said. “I hope for the fans they do, because he’s from there, and he would bring such excitement. They’d  be right behind Cleveland, right there with them to be able to contend. I don’t see it though.”

“It’s the system the NBA built,” he said. “In general, no star player’s leaving to go to another team. … The system’s built for these guys to stay. Guys like Kevin Durant, Al Horford: The Wizards most likely will be going after these players, as they should. Are they really going to leave that money on the table?”

Dudley will also become a free agent this summer, but hopes to resign with the Wizards. This past season, he averaged 7.9 points and 3.5 rebounds in just over 25 minutes per game. While he doesn’t think the Wizards will be able to land Durant, he is optimistic about other potential additions and current players. With regard to potential players Wizards could go after, Dudley stated, “not an all-star, but right underneath that. And I think that they have another all-star on their team in Bradley Beal.”

The Wizards had somewhat of a disappointing season this year. After making the playoffs in 2014 and 2015, the franchise appeared to be on the rise. Unfortunately, they finished the 2015-16 season at 41-41, just outside qualification for the playoffs. The addition of another solid piece could take them back to that next level. Especially if it’s Kevin Durant.

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